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Bring warmth and character into every room with the authentic natural look of KlickFloor luxury vinyl floorng. Hard-wearing enough for public spaces and busy homes, beautiful enough to make any floor magnificent, there's a KlickFloor design for you - whatever your space and whatever your taste. 

Besides looking fantastic, KlickFloor offers a range of features that make your life easier and ensure that the floor stays at its very best for years to come. 


UNICLIC technology removes the need for adhesive and timely room preparation, meaning your new floor can be installed in no time. Available across our Wood and Tile ranges, UNICLIC is a revolutionary, easy-to-install technology which halves installation time compared to traditional dryback installation.

PREPARATION DETAILS - Click through to learn all you need to know about preparing to install your KlickFloor flooring. General Conditions are stated within this section as well as all the recommened tools you will need to complete the installation. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - Click through to have a detailed step by step instruction manual for installing KlickFloor. These installation instructions are aided with diagrams for each major step of the installtion to allow the best understanding of the product and its fitting requirements. 

MAINTENANCE DETAILS - Click through to see how you should be maintaining your floor once installed. Here you will find Safety and Protection details, Maintenance suggested products as well as all the correct ways to clean and maintain your KlickFloor.

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