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Do I need to use underlay with KlickFloor?

Kompact only recommends the use of KlickFloor Xtrafloor Underlay, which has been specifically designed for use with this product. XtraFloor Underlay will always enhance the performance of your KlickFloor, providing increased comfort, sound & heat insulation and will smooth out any irregularities in your subfloor. Use of any other underlay not designed for KlickFloor may invalidate your warranty.

How do I clean my KlickFloor?

Your new KlickFloor should be swept / mopped or vacuumed regularly. Occasionally KlickFloor should be damp mopped using XtraFloor Routine cleaner. Kompact only recommend the use of KlickFloor XtraFloor Routine Cleaner & Maintainer. This will maintain the finish of your KlickFloor and maintain the SupaGuard coating on your KlickFloor. This should be supplied by your Retailer / Installer after installation or can be purchased online at For heavy domestic / commercial users, a 2.5ltr container is also available. Use of any other cleaning product may invalidate your warranty.


Can my KlickFloor be used with underfloor heating?

Yes, but we recommend that KlickFloor must be acclimatised to the room and that the underfloor heating be on before and during installation (preferably around 18°C). Use of KlickFloor XtraFloor underlay will enhance the performance of your floor with underfloor heating.

How level does my floor need to be to install KlickFloor?

The finished appearance of your new KlickFloor will only be as good as the quality of the subfloor it is installed onto. Your installer should ensure that the subfloor has no irregularities greater than 5mm wide or 2mm deep. Use of XtraFloor underlay will smooth out small irregularities in your floor.


Can I fit KlickFloor over existing ceramic tiles?

Yes, but as above , your installer should ensure that the subfloor is suitable, and use of XtraFloor underlay will enhance the installation.

How do I cut my KlickFloor?

KlickFloor can be easily cut using a utility type knife. Once the surface is scored, a clean break snap apart.


All the important point you need to know about KlickFloor...

Klickfloor must always be stored flat on an even surface to avoid damage to the joint system.

Do NOT use any rubber backed / latex mats on top of KlickFloor, to prevent plasticisation which can discolour your KlickFloor.

Do not use abrasive cleaners of any type on your KlickFloor to prevent surface scratching.

If using products with different batch numbers, please ensure that your installer mixes the tiles /planks to ensure uniformity of colour.

Always use the furniture protection pads supplied in your XtraFloor Consumer Kit to prevent damage to your KlickFloor.

Always acclimatise your KlickFloor for at least 24 hours to the room before installation.

Always use an entrance mat to act as a clean-off area to protect the surface of your KlickFloor. Avoid use of rubber or latex backed mats as these may discolour your KlickFloor..


Troubleshooting any issues for your KlickFlooring...

My KlickFloor joints are coming apart in certain areas – This is normally caused by either an uneven subfloor or the joint system not being correctly locked on installation. Please contact your installer to rectify.

My KlickFloor has a ‘whitish bloom’ on the surface after contact with water - This is a harmless effect caused by a reaction with water by the SupaGuard surface coating. Once the water / damp contact is removed your KlickFloor will return to normal over a period of days, as the moisture disappears.  

My KlickFloor is showing some scratching on the surface – This is normal for any hard floor, and can be alleviated by use of XtraFloor Routine Cleaner to maintain the SupaGuard surface of your KlickFloor

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